“Discourage litigation. Persuade neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out how the nominal winner is often the real loser in fees, expenses, and waste of time. As a peacemaker, the lawyer has a superior opportunity of becoming a good man.”
   - Abraham Lincoln

After many years of practicing family law, and having seen the emotional and financial damage that litigation can cause, I have chosen to focus on assisting couples restructure their families and their lives in healthier ways through Collaborative Practice, mediation, and other forms of settlement advocacy.  Collaborative Practice offers the couple a viable alternative to traditional methods of divorce by allowing them to make decisions which address the particular needs of their family with the skill and guidance of their non-adversarial collaborative attorneys. Through the collaborative process, I help my client stay focused on future goals, rather than upon the pain of the past, so that a mutually acceptable, durable agreement.may be reached with his or her spouse. Collaboration also offers the unique and valuable opportunity to team with other skilled legal, mental health and financial professionals to help families find the best options for resolving the issues of most importance to them. As a mediator, I act as a neutral settlement advocate by facilitating  creative and constructive conversation between the spouses so that they may achieve a mutually agreeable settlement.  I am the Founding President of the Collaborative Divorce Association, Inc. and of the Maryland Collaborative Practice Council.  I also was the the first Co-Chair of the Collaborative Law Section of the Montgomery County Bar Association.